Thursday, 10 April 2014

How to access Burdastyle magazine archives

Dear Sewists,

I have Burdastyle magazines dating back to 2002 which is when I first started buying them and they were known as Burda world of fashion. I don't keep all the magazines, just favourtie ones and even now I rarely subscribe but just buy the odd one here and there. However the ones I do keep have favourite styles that I like to revisit. Basic lines can be updated with contemporary details. In fact some whole issues feel like deja vu. But when they get it right, they get it right..the perfect pencil skirt, a really good T shirt, a classic coat are all among my Burda favourites.

How to access line drawings and original photos of old issues online? I have found a way! The Burdastyle Russian site is one of the best out there because it is hugely popular in Russia. Now, this is an open secret in the sewing community but navigating the site is tricky unless you are fluent in written Russian.

Enter Google Translate. I found a way to get pages translated when I was looking for archival line drawings from 2006.

Google burdastyle ru link and the first site that comes up is the Russian burdastyle website
Clink on the 'translate this page' part within that link and you end up here
Click on the 'archive' button which is situated at the top and it brings you here

The archives at this time go back to 2004. Click on the appropriate year and search for your garment pattern number and right click your image and save to desktop. Note:  You can only get the line drawings of the individual patterns featured at the bottom of each issue's page. Link the image to your blog from blogger when writing a post by clicking the  'photos' icon then choosing 'desktop' from your menu that comes up, then on the individual photo. Because they are from the site they are already resized for the web.

Unfortunately, it is not every model from every issue, only the ones featured when you scroll down to the bottom of the issue's page.

For example this is the line drawings and one of the photos for January 2006 skirt pattern 114 and shirt 112

My daughter asked me to make a simplified pull on version of the skirt for work out of black viscose, above knee length, without pockets and a wide elastic waistband.

Photos lightened to show seam detail

Burdastyle 1-2006-114

The only option at the moment for pre-2004 issues is to take photographs yourself then upload them, but for the others it's nice to be able to get the originals.

I hope this is helpful,


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hollywood, Bollywood and Jodhpurs - It's the April Give away!

Hello Dahlings,

Once again I have trawled the bulging pattern stash and come up with three patterns to share with you, lucky reader.

The first is Vogue Vintage 2561, a reproduction of a 1952 design original. It is in sizes 12,14,16 a full skirted sundress and darted peplum over-blouse with a little collar. The pattern is one of my charity shop finds...I loved the illustration. The pattern is complete but the pieces for the dress have been cut out to size 16. The blouse is intact.

Very Audrey Hepburn on a vespa...

The second is Butterick B4915, a cocktail dress with a crossover front and back bodice and very gathered skirt. Uncut, unused, size 14-16-18-20

Go wild with the fabric and bollywood it!

The next pattern is also untouched and from the long defunct New Look pattern house, 6459 Jodhpur style trousers, size 8- 18. Every now and then these type of pants have a fashion style moment. Great for if you ride horses. Seriously though, they have an interesting curved panel on the inner leg, pockets, pleats. They would look good on the right person that could make them look retro-ironic.

Tally Ho chums!

If you want to be in the draw mention it in your comment. All three patterns will go to the one person. The winner will be announced on April 21st.


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Rosie Take 2

Hello People,

A little update on Style Arc Rosie. I did make it again in rayon crepe. I had to re-instate the back seam because crepe of any sort has more give than cotton. I lowered curve of the front horizontal seam a bit more and narrowed the sides of the mid front panel a bit. You know it occurred to me that what I am doing is a reverse sway back adjustment, lowering the front instead of raising the back. Anyhow it worked. Here's a busy day sunset shot.

I was on the hunt for silk crepe but only found this rayon. This top really needs something better. It is going in my maybe file because right now I have other things to do including the April giveaway. Coming soon!

Happy Sunday,